Friday, November 4, 2011

Grown-up stuff

Wow, it’s been a while since I had a post! It was not that I was too busy to post. I guess I just didn’t get around to it. Also, perhaps having a kid can keep you slightly preoccupied at home :]

I’ve been thinking about ‘grown up stuff’ a bit…you know, getting a job and such. I recently submitted an NIH K99 app this Oct cycle. I initially thought I’ll apply for a tenure-track position next fall. I also want to get a job in a particular region. Turns out that a couple of positions have opened up in schools in the region I prefer…so I’m thinking if I should apply to a couple of places this fall itself to get (i) to see if I’ll get an interview in the first place, (ii) some practice interviewing and (iii) a job, maybe!

One of the issues is…even though the chance of getting the K99 is small, if one does get it, one should not have a TT offer at that time…given that going into a TT position with k99 in hand is better than without it, should I wait and see what happens to the k99 and then apply next fall? It’s not just about money either. The additional training can only help. On the other hand, people say it’s always better to apply early to TT positions. So, I guess I’ll most likely apply to 2 or 3 places this time, which means I should get the research and teaching statements done real soon.


  1. Apply, apply! Any and all experience with the job search can help, and should you not land a position this year, the application process will be much easier next year.

  2. I hear you Becca. Practice would certainly help in this.